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SHOUT launches powerful new song and life-changing App

15 March 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa; SHOUT is taking its campaign to make South Africa a safer place for all to live in to bold new levels with a powerful new song and video, and a life-changing mobile App.

The new song and video was unveiled at an event at Nu Metro Montecasino in Johannesburg today, attended by many of over 100 South African recording artist who have lent their talent to a breathtaking new version of the John Farnham classic, “You're The Voice". The song is available now for download by SMSing VOICE to 49300 and the video, produced for SHOUT by Velocity, can be seen by going to

The performers were joined by a number of the celebrities who gave their time to make sure the video for “You're The Voice" is peppered with the kind of cameos that make watching it again and again a real treat. Among the latter is Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, making his first appearance in a music video and proving excellent at it too!

Also in attendance were representatives of SHOUT's many corporate supporters, including Samsung and Tracker. The two companies have played a key role in funding the development of a FREE SHOUT mobile App, created especially for the organisation by Cytrus.

The newly launched SHOUT App allows ordinary South Africans to make contact with emergency services and be directed to the nearest police station, hospital or fire station if they are in need of help, anywhere in the country, on a live map. In a first for South Africa, it also allows users to report a crime, the crime location, date and time, giving the SAPS and other bodies involved in ridding South Africa of crime, valuable knowledge of crimes and crime patterns. Using cutting edge mapping technology, the App also allows individuals to identify crime hotspots and get crime updates in real time. The App would not be complete without the capability for making donations to SHOUT and downloading the ‘You're the Voice' track. The SHOUT App is currently available for download on all android devices but will be available on Blackberry and iPhone devices in due course.

“The SHOUT App not only helps individuals when they are faced with a crime situation, but it turns us all into citizen activists," says Gavin Koppel, Chairman of SHOUT

“This is really what is at the core of SHOUT's work – giving ordinary South Africans a voice in ridding their communities and country of crime," adds Koppel.

“As we have seen with the success of our first song download campaign, SHOUT is also about raising funds for crime prevention and the rehabilitation of offenders and we are confident that South Africans who are able to will download ‘You're The Voice' in numbers even greater than before, thereby contributing to raising funds for the projects we support."

To ensure SHOUT's commitment to be as all-encompassing as possible, alongside the paid-for, full-track download, “You're The Voice" will be available at a later stage as a Ringback and Ringtone in a few months, at a significantly reduced price.

Corporates are also able to bulk purchase the “You're The Voice" song for staff members. ‘It's a great way of giving to staff or clients that is something meaningful but that's also wonderfully entertaining and uplifting," says Gavin Koppel.

“You're The Voice" is produced by Crighton Goodwill and Danny K. It features the who's who of South African recording artists, drawn from the multiple and diverse genres that ensure the country has such a vibrant music scene. From current hip-hop kingpin, AKA, to Afrikaans rock hipsters, Die Heuwels Fantasties, hotshots like Khuli Chana, and veterans like Hugh Masekela, the list of artists who have contributed to “You're The Voice" makes it quite possibly the biggest and most extensive gathering of homegrown talent on a record in history.

Joining Archbishop Tutu in contributing cameos are the likes of Idols judge and SA Music Awards CEO Randall Abrahams, actor Gail Nkoane of The Wild, and television personalities, Bonang Matheba and Lalla Hirayama.

Leading the charge of artists and celebrities are Danny K and Kabelo, who founded SHOUT in 2010 after the tragic death of fellow musician Lucky Dube in 2007 and who remains its most passionate believers.

“We had a fantastic time putting the song and video together," says Kabelo. “You can only imagine the logistics of finding time in everyone's diary but we are immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to ‘You're The Voice'."

Adds Danny K, “We've done our part in creating what I think is a fantastic version of a classic song. Now it's up to South Africans everywhere to join us in our fight against crime. It sounds clichéd but in this instance it is so true – we can't do this alone but with everyone contributing, by either buying the song or downloading the App and becoming a citizen activist, we can make a big, big difference – you're the voice!"

Support for the launch of “You're The Voice" and its production has come from many sponsors and SHOUT would like to thank each and every one for their contribution and support.

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SHOUT For A Safer South Africa was launched in Johannesburg on March 16th 2010. Sparked by the senseless murder of Lucky Dube in 2007, fellow musicians Danny K and Kabelo resolved to create a movement that both raises money for crime prevention programmes and the rehabilitation of offenders and gives the nation a voice in the fight against crime.

In 2010, an unprecedented line-up of celebrities and artists came together to record a song and create a music video as the first rallying cry for this new movement. “Shout" was a real success. It not only raised awareness for the campaign message, it also earned Shout the South African Music Award for Full-Track Download of the Year in 2011 and funds raised by the track were used to fund a variety of projects.

Current ongoing activities include a new SHOUT music video and song launched in March 2012 and a groundbreaking crime awareness SHOUT Mobile Phone App now available, SHOUT has become a cry that unites a distressed but determined nation.

As a registered non-profit, the SHOUT Foundation is supported by a number of South African organisations and individuals that give of their time, money and support for the initiative.

Special Thanks to the Sponsors